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Before this happened

We have a special guest blogger today, an author who wants to talk about epublishing with you guys! So... without further aduei I give you Bethany Halle.

Dare to Take the Plunge

    I’m so excited to be here and thank you to the delicious ladies at Twisted Fates for having me. Allow me to introduce myself. I write saucy and very spicy erotic romance stories and novels. A little secret, Cassandre is my pen name as I write in several other genres. I started writing when I was nine; having completed sixteen full-length novels by the time I was fourteen in the science fiction genre. No, (sigh) sadly I was never published and for some reason I didn’t truly give it everything I had until two years ago. Since I finally sat down and remembered the absolute love of writing, I have written approximately eighteen novels, sixteen novellas and somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty short stories. I say approximately because I have lost count!

     Currently I have two short story releases with Rebel Ink Press, Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper and Her Sinful Long Legs with six more novellas/novels under contract. All of these are being released in e-book format. I know, there is that old debate about e-publishing. Well guys, look at the recent stats – sales of e-books out-grossed traditional publishing in 2010 and the blazing trend is only going to continue to grow. Aspiring writers, embrace the industry ‘cause it’s HOT! Think of it this way, not only can you see your story or book in publication more quickly, but also the royalties are higher, generally at 30 – 35%. True story – I was accepted with my first story by Rebel Ink Press on September 6th and my release date was November 1st. NOW – caveat here – they are newer to the industry so I did not have a long waiting line in front of me. The majority of e-publishers you can anticipate at least six to eight months and a series of revisions, but the process is still shortened from traditional presses.

     I’m going to sing praises to Rebel Ink Press – www.rebelinkpress.com. The publisher, Sheri Knotts and her staff, have been nothing but fantastic. If you are a romance writer of any genre, look at their submissions page. I’m including a cover that was designed by the very talented artist, Carl J. Franklin. He has given me five of the sexiest covers I have seen to date. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the talented crew. That being said, you as a writer have to do your homework IF you want to succeed. Gone are the days of a publisher promoting you. You are the marketing and PR team. You have to be organized and aggressive. You are the one that will make or break your career. If you honestly think that hearing the words…we love your writing and want to give you a contract…mean what they used to, you are wrong.

     But I have learned some wonderful things about the industry these past two years. Here are some tips if you are just getting out there. Join Facebook, and not to just socialize. Try and friend other writers and that will garner you publishers and editors. If you have something written, post a snippet – keep it clean!! Develop a fan page and invite, invite, invite!!  It doesn’t matter if you are published or not. You have to set it up right away. Post pictures and poems or thoughts and you will gain credibility. Once you are published, keep it up to date with the latest happenings – blog tours, interviews, post your covers and provide excerpts of your latest works.

     Next – yes twitter is not a bad thing – argh! Tweet your trials and tribulations and successes. Join a writing group. Whether you write romance or any other genre, there is a chapter in your area. Join it and participate. Not only will you learn tips and valuable information, but you also get to share your successes – however great or little. When you have been published, blog with friends and develop relationships. Guest blog with the wonderful people like Twisted Fates. Join yahoo groups and soon, you will have a circle of friends around you that encompass the globe! You will have criticism! Period. Get over it and use the ideas. Enter contests and pay attention. If they are all telling you the same thing, then… For me, I hate being told what I did wrong. Growl. But you know what? I am a much better writer because of the wonderful advice.

     For me, the road has been rocky, but such fun. In late July, I was asked as a favor to be a guest on a blog talk radio show with a children’s writer friend of mine that was the host. Our bantering was natural and easy. That led the owner of Robin Falls Red River Radio, April Robbins, to offer me a blog talk host position highlighting and interviewing writers and other talented artists in the fantasy/science fiction/murder mystery/paranormal genre. The Fire of Fantasy and Darkness was born under my real name, Bethany Halle.

     Two shows later and the owner realized I had been published in the erotic genre, which Robin Falls had never considered. April asked me to host a new show talking to writers, cover artists and publishers in the erotic romance genre. My first show, Dare to Take the Plunge, will air on January 31st at 6:00 pm EST with the entire crew and several writers from Rebel Ink Press (now known as family) as my first guests. I hope you will feel free to join in and listen – completely PG13!! The other cool aspect, the Board members of the Science Fiction/Fantasy Conference – Mysticon, heard my first Fire of Fantasy and Darkness show and asked if I would take the radio event on the road to their conference. You bet! My assistant and I are in Roanoke Virginia February 25th – 27th. If you are in the area – join us and please check out their site: http://www.mysticon-va.com/ for all things that go bump in the night! I am always looking for guests – if you are an author in any of the genres and would love to be on either of the radio programs, email me at behalle@comcast.net.

     For any aspiring writers, all authors will tell you the same thing  - WRITE. If you don’t, you won’t get published. Remember that no ideas are bad ideas. Read everything in your genre and you will gain more information and understanding more than almost any other teachings.

     For me, you can find me (18 only guys – sorry) at www.cassandredayne.com. My two stories and the others are out or coming out at www.allromanceebooks.com; www.bookstrand.com; amazon kindle and coffee time romance.

     But, as Bethany Halle – you can certainly visit www.bethanyhalle.com for a taste of my vampire world or join Bethany on facebook. A huge thank you to Em, Catie and Kim – you girls rock! Happy writing and reading to everyone. Our readers make everything worthwhile!!

Thank you to Bethany for stopping by! And anyone of age interested in checking out her stuff, I encourage you to do so, she's a really awesome lady. ^_^


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Jan. 26th, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC)
ebook sales
This is all good stuff, and I agree with a lot of it. However, without a confirming source, I believe the blogger's statement that "sales of e-books out-grossed traditional publishing in 2010" is false.

"The Association of American publishers pegs ebook sales as of August 2010 at 9% of US trade book sales. That’s a big jump over 2009′s 3.3%–but still just a fraction of the total." Source: http://www.sfwa.org/for-authors/writer-beware/electronic/

My guess is the bulk of e-sales, perhaps in the region of 99%, are for e-versions of print best sellers published by the major firms. It will be interesting to look at e-sales figures for writers who remain unpublished by an advance royalty paying print publisher. I suspect that it's going to be national best-sellers that will gain from growing e-sales.
Feb. 20th, 2011 12:05 am (UTC)
Wow thank-you so much for this post! Its definitely shined a different light on e-books and publishing.
Apr. 8th, 2011 12:11 pm (UTC)
Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

( 3 Opinions — Have an Opinion )


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