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Twisted Fates' Cafe

Three girls reviewing and discussing Movies, Books, and Music

Em, Tegan, and Kim
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*Disclaimer: First and foremost, Anything we write in this blog is property of us. Second, There is occasional swearing and bouts of randomness forthcoming.

Twisted Fates' Cafe is a blog full of pop culture, entertainment, reviews, and occasional contests run by your lovely Fates - Em, Tegan, and Kim. We review books, movies, music, and ramble on about various entertainment venues. We don't know everything and we don't necessarily represent the bulk of American woman, but we're sure to entertain. We're crazy for words and when you partake in the enjoyment of our words you know you're going to get something twisted and crazy but not meaningless drivel. We try to be as smart, funny, and informative as possible. Let us know if we're missing our mark.

I review books, movies, and music. Occasionally, other things that catch my attention.
Movies: I'm into everything. From Horror to Drama, Sci Fi to Comedy, Animated to Indie.
Books: Mostly I read Urban Fantasy, whether it's adult or YA. I'm also into Mystery, Thriller, and Romance.
Music: The only music I don't like is Metal. Everything else I'm very open to.

I review mostly books. Movies if I love them, or really hate it, I’ll review it too.
Movies: I love Animated, Chick Flick, and Action Adventure
Books: I read mostly YA, Fantasy fav's are, Wicked Lovely, Anna and the French Kiss - Stephinie
Music: Three Days Grace (seen them twice they are amazing live), Paramore, Lady Gaga (cause shes so fun to dance too).

I review books, movies, and music. I also tend to have very eclectic tastes when it comes to all of those categories.
Movies: I'm more into drama, horror, indie, and comedies. I dislike romantic comedies or romances, but could enjoy them if I am in the right mood.
Books: I tend to focus on fiction of various kinds. Fantasy, YA, Sci Fi, Romance, Paranormal romance. I have no preference, I just like good writing and creativity.
Music: Listen to everything under the sun except rap and country. At times, I am endearingly called an indie snob, and I like to open other people's ears to new sounds and bands that deserve to be heard.

If we don't like something We always point out as many good points as possible and follow it up with the bad. If we absolutely hated it, chances are we just won't post about it at all. No one wants to read a rant about how much something disappointed. That's what friends are for. :)

Got a suggestion? Email it to me at twistedfatescafe(AT)gmail(DOT)com


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