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Show Review: The Harmony Tour

For starters, yes this should have been posted yesterday. My week has been chaotic and I wasn’t home all day yesterday to get it up. By the time I was home I was so brain dead I could do nothing but watch TV. Even then, I’m not sure I remember what I watched.

The Harmony Tour… I saw this show twice. Tina and I went to the Orlando date on November 5th and the Fort Lauderdale date on November 7th. I will be talking about both dates throughout this post, if I don’t specify which, whatever I’m saying applies to both dates. ^_^

The show as a whole was pretty decent. There was good music and good vibes come from the stage. The crowd, however, is what killed it for me. I’ve been to some shows with some rude people and some annoying tweens. But this show beat them all for the amount of rude comments, annoying talkers, and ear piercing screams. Not many people seemed to care about the music as much as they cared about getting pictures of their favorite bands and talking crap about the acts they didn’t care to see.

If I look at only the music and take out the angst and rude energy that buzzed throughout the audience, it was a really good show. The opening acts thoroughly impressed me, the headliner was entertaining, and the music was everything I hoped it would be. But honestly, a big portion of going to shows is the experience and the energy. And that was lacking here.

And as per an anonymous commenters request, the set list for all the bands is at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Stars: Carter Hulsey
AKA Band most likely voted to start the night off right
Carter Hulsey is an amazing musician. He’s emotive, animated, and with a full band behind him very powerful. In Orlando people talked through his set and he still blew me away. In Ft. Lauderdale the people around me were saying he needed to get off the stage (I was tempted to “accidentally” elbow some of them), but I actually think he did better that night. He performed his single Black and Blue without a female vocalist in Ft Lauderdale and the amount of emotion and depth he brought was so amazing that my chest felt tight and I wanted him to sing all night. He was, in my opinion, the star of the show. I just wish he’d play for a more mature audience that could appreciate his musicianship and the raw energy he brings. I mean, going on tour with your friends has to be amazing fun, but I’m not sure how big his pay off is when the crowd is so shallow.

MacGyver: I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business
AKA Band most likely voted to survive in the wilderness with nothing but guitar string, a mic, and an amp
You may remember I was amazed by them at Warped Tour. I was thrilled to see them on the bill with a few of my favorites and I wasn’t let down. In Orlando it was just him and the drummer. In Ft Lauderdale he didn’t even have the drummer. Apparently the whole band got sick. And I have to say he blew my mind with his ingenuity. He looped his music, there on stage, through an amp. Electric, acoustic, backup vocals, rhythm, he did everything. I was riveted, even his stage presence was fascinating. He seemed rather dorky (the good kind) up there and had the most entertaining introductions. His melody’s are also rather impressive with some amazing lead ins to the songs. And again, the crowd was not appreciative of his skill and musicality. The people around me remarked on how cool it was that he did it all but then complained about how long it took him to set it all up. He played a shorter set in Ft Lauderdale than he did in Orlando because of doing so much alone. And they just talked crap the entire time.

Sex Kittens: The Maine
AKA Band voted most likely to make the ladies scream
I’ve seen The Maine open for We The Kings at USF and I’ve seen them headline their own show. They were Rockstars at those shows. This one seemed to be more about getting the audience riled up and ready to scream for the headliner. Normally they get the crowd involved (more than just singing along), normally they rock out more, and normally I’m thoroughly impressed. This time around I was a little let down. Garrett, the bassist, was the one rocking out on stage the most. I felt like they were holding back. And that could be entirely because of the audience they had. And I can’t say I blame them. They came out, played good music, got the ladies screaming (and drooling) and then let the headlining act come out and do their thing.

Entertainers: Never Shout Never
AKA Band most likely voted to put on an interesting show
Now, their music is fun and light. There isn’t much depth to it, just cheesy pop songs with a slightly folky edge to a few of them. They’re fun, sometimes have a good message in them, generally just happy music. That’s why they’re on the playlist I use to cheer me up. Watching them live is fun and enjoyable. They entertain, and I wouldn’t call it gimmicks since I assume it’s just them, being themselves, on stage. But it does lean a bit toward theatrical. Chris put on a Rasta hat, complete with faux dreads, while they played a reggae version of Trouble. Which was actually quite good. They played musical microphones during This Shit Gets Old. And they generally had fun and messed around on stage. They didn’t knock my socks off though. The swearing seemed like it was mostly for shock value and the antics seemed mostly to get a rise out of the crowd. They did have some kick ass transitions that I think went over a lot of the audience’s heads, but I enjoyed. The crowd sings almost entirely over the musicians and seems to thoroughly enjoy their antics as well. I’m just not sure if I’d pay to see them again, in part because of the annoying audience, but they were fun to watch.

Carter Hulsey:
1. Like A Bear
2. If It Feels
3. A Note In Your Pocket
4. Punchline
5. Black And Blue
6. Before We Go Down

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business:
In Orlando-
(songs 1, 2, and 4 I couldn’t figure out, Sorry. I blame HoB's crappy sound system.)
3. The Best Happiness Money Can Buy
5. Ready Ankles
6. Old Man

In Ft Lauderdale-

1. Old Man
2. Ready Ankles
3. Ever So Sweet
4. Figure It Out
5. Body Like Mind

The Maine:
1. Intro (this song sounded familiar but I couldn’t figure out what it was)
2. Right Girl
3. Listen To Your Heart
4. Growing Up
5. Girls Do What They Want
6. Fuel To The Fire
7. Don't Stop Now
8. Into Your Arms
9. Inside Of You
10. We'll All Be (mash up with Color)

Never Shout Never:
1. Harmony (acoustic and solo)
2. Love Is Our Weapon
3. I Just Laugh
4. Piggybank
5. Trouble (reggae style)
6. On The Brightside
7. Sweet Perfection
8. Jane Doe
9. Can’t Stand It
10. This Shit Gets Old
11. I Love You 5
12. Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater
13. Big City Dreams
14. The past

If you're looking for some fun music and up for dealing with the crowd, I'd say it's worth the money just for the first two acts alone. Have you seen it? Or interested in seeing this show? Lemme know in the comments!


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Nov. 15th, 2010 03:00 pm (UTC)
sorry the crowed sucked, but glad everyone was good.

Also sorry that the Maine was holding back
Nov. 15th, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
A big reason I went twice is because I knew the crowd was going to be less than pleasant and I wanted to have two experiences to work with. But Carter was who I was the most excited to see since I'd only seen him play guitar for Cady Groves before. And during both days the crowd was awful.

The Maine I'd seen twice this year so it wasn't that big of a deal for me. But Tina said she could tell they were holding back. She'd never seen them before so it was a bit bummish for her.
Dec. 18th, 2010 04:22 am (UTC)
Great post ^_^I really have to see at least one of these guys some day.

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