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Likely the first show I went to all year that wasn’t free (for me anyway). I clearly am a glutton for punishment because I pick shows where the average concert goer is generally younger than me (or a parent). This means I listen to a lot of “OMG Like… Can you believe what Sally said on her facebook page?!” “OMG Like, I know, right? Totally scandalous. I can’t, like, believe her.”* And that, frankly, leads for an unpleasant start to a night. Wherein I pray the sound system cooperates, the bands don’t suck, and the music is loud enough that I can’t hear their rude chatter throughout the show. And normally that is 100% the case.

Now that’s not to say it wasn’t the case here. But there was a band or two on the bill I knew I would not be thoroughly pleased with. I wanted to see Austin Gibbs again and The Summer Set (you’ll recall I missed seeing them at Warped Tour because of the EIY meet) badly enough that I figured I could let my brain turn off for a few songs. And for the most part that worked out well. The musicians that rocked, rocked hard. But the bands that did not suit my taste, crashed and burned for me.

I went to the Orlando date on the 24th, which was at the Backbooth. It's a small and cozy little venue and they played the most hilarious music between sets (like BSB, Spice Girls, and even a Rick Roll in there). I enjoyed myself despite being solo. If they haven't rolled through your city yet I suggest checking it out. Totally worth it.

Cue my ridiculous titles!

Lightweights: School Boy Humor
AKA Band most likely voted to set a low standard.
I don’t mean to pick on these guys. Really I don’t. But as an opening act you need to bring it hard and prove to people why they should be impressed with you as opposed to those guys they actually paid to see. And I feel like these guys didn’t do that. They mostly smirked at the crowd of girls and flicked their hair. There was some instrument playing going on, and some singing. But they were bordering on rude between the songs. I’ll quote for you.
Guitarist (or was it the bassist?) “Are any of you compensating?”
(crowd yells no)
Singer “Do you guys even know what Compensate means?”
(crowd murmuring)
Singer “Of course not! You guys are too young! I’m just messing with you.”
No guy… just no. And then they play a “new song” and the singer mumbled the verses while singing the chorus loudly. It gave me the impression he couldn’t remember the words. Now I’m not saying that’s what the case was. But that was how it appeared from my position in the audience. Not a band I’ll be willingly seeing again.

Sex Kittens: Austin Gibbs
AKA Band most likely voted to turn you on.
His music (and his delivery of said music) is just sexy. I’m not sure how else to describe it. Austin Gibbs gets on that stage and flirts with the crowd, banters with his band mates, and sings in that way that makes girls malleable. Even when singing a song about a haunted house (aka Creepshow) you can’t help but sway and smile and want him to keep singing. He exudes this charm and sex appeal that doesn’t detract from the music like it would with a lesser artist. I swear I will go to any shows this man does just to enjoy the aura he has mixed with his great tunes.

Rockstars: Mod Sun
AKA Band most likely voted to make you move.
I’m going to be totally honest. I was both excited and worried to see Mod Sun live. Especially when Pat Brown (from the now defunct band Sing It Loud) brought out two lamps that resembled joints. If you don’t know what a joint is, bless you for being so innocent I’m not about to explain it to you. Anyway, I was concerned he’d be like so many rappers and come out on stage lit and/or drunk and therefore rather incoherent. If he was either of those I couldn’t tell. Because he got on stage, bounced around the whole thing (and I mean the man even climbed on the divider to where some equipment was kept) and generally brought out so much positive energy and fun it was hard to not be amazed by him. And then he pulled out Pat Brown for a song they wrote together (which I went and bought when I got home) called Path Less Traveled. It gave me goosebumps. I listened to his music before, I became a fan that night. Would definitely see him live again.

Heart Throbs: Stereo Skyline
AKA Band most likely voted to become models.
You may remember from my Bamboozle review that I was not crazy about these guys. In fact, I could barely remember their set because I was busy wondering how they assembled a group of all blonde cute guys. This time around wasn’t much different. Their songs are cute and they have a catchy beat. But nothing about it grabs me. And all the smirks, hair flips, and provocative gestures further my feelings that they’re solely to make girls swoon. Feel free to disagree; my own best friend thinks they’re great. I however, am not blinded by good looks. They’re not my thing apparently.

Party Animals: The Summer Set
AKA Band most likely voted to bring it, hard.
While I am a big fan of their music, I wasn’t really expecting anything amazing. I’m so glad they blew my expectations away. Now, you might be wondering why I’d pay to see a band if I wasn’t sure they’d be worth it. I figured at least I’d get out of the house and hear some fun music, even if it wasn’t amazing. Brian Dales, the lead singer, can belt out some notes on that stage. And John Gomez, one of the guitarists, has a very impressive voice as well. He sang a piece of Where Are You Now and I’m pretty sure my mouth hung open momentarily. I wish he’d get to sing more often. But to top off two great singers, they harmonize extremely well. They did two covers, a partial of Free Falling (my favorite Tom Petty song) where John yet again impressed me, and the Posion hit Nothin’ But A Good Time. Fun and different and entirely entertaining, as a live show should be. I danced in place (I was solo, so I was yet again hanging out with my friend The Wall), sang along, and had a great time. They rock out on stage and get the audience to participate very well. With their second to last song, Passenger Seat, they even went completely unplugged (acoustic guitar, egg shakers, violin and no mics). They sat on the edge of the stage and got everyone to sing along. It was an incredible experience. You could feel the buzz of the crowd and the energy of such a nice song being shared in such an intimate way with the fans. I was thoroughly impressed by these guys and would definitely, without hesitation, see them again.
Their set list for those interested:
1: This Is How We Live
2: Punch Drunk Love
3: Girls Freak Me Out
4: Young
5: Where Are You Now
6: Free Falling (Tom Petty Cover) (Partial Play)
7: Nothin’ But A Good Time (Poison Cover)
8: Love Like That
9: Lights
10: Boys You Do
11: Passenger Seat
12: Chelsea

Overall it was a really good show. Like I said, the bands that rocked, blew me away, and the ones that didn’t, just fell very flat to me.

You ever seen any of these guys live? If you haven’t, would you want to?

*Note: I am not saying all teens talk like this. Several of you amazing readers, for example, are not in this group. I was referring to the “valley girl” type of girls who always, always choose to stand next to me and flaunt their awful language skills and their disregard for manners or the concept of Some-things-should-not-be-talked-about-in-public.


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Nov. 1st, 2010 07:11 pm (UTC)
Do you think you can post the rest of the setlist for the other artists?
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